BK Soundboard

Breathing room and corporate advice for the green sector

Any prudent green entrepreneur makes important decisions every day. It is not always easy, and often lonely being at the helm.

BK is a confidant, a listening ear and touchstone for your ideas. As a corporate advisor, BK performs a quick scan, analyses, and outlines the best advice as a green expert.




For whom?

You are in need of a fresh perspective and some breathing room?

BK is an inspiring companion to green companies, green associations, and green retailers.

In need of some breathing room? BK is happy to swing by, bart@bedrijfskracht.be. 






Listening ear.

Everyone needs a companion from time to time, even if only to bounce around your ideas as a green entrepreneur.

Fresh ideas and energy.

As a grower, florist, horticulturalist, you spend every day manning the helm. This makes it difficult to take a step back from your own business and see things from a different perspective for a change.

As business consultant, BK has a neutral helicopter view of the entire green sector, opening your eyes to new opportunities.


Behind closed doors. BK is an independent confidant, treating any and all client matters with the utmost confidentiality.