"Inspire, connect, grow."

Hi, I'm Bart, this is my story

I believe in the strength of flowers, plants, and green for a happier, healthy, and liveable society. I was brought up with this passion for green. For 5 generations, my family has been involved in green, from the production to the trading of plants.


I grew up among the tree nurseries, and am smitten with all things plant.
I started off doing garden maintenance, student jobs in different nurseries, and producing my own garden plants, and wanted to turn my hobby into my profession.

Strength and knowledge.

Following my bio-engineer degree and additional management and process optimization trainings, I spent the past 15 years developing broad knowledge and expertise on the green sector within Europe. I know my way around production, marketing, general corporate management, management of change processes, and process optimization.

The apple does not fall far from the tree.

My passion for flowers and plants also sparked my interest in vegetables, fruits, green provisions, and nature. I notice that many companies and organizations are searching for ways to create lasting added value.

Business vigour!

I want to support businesses and organizations and ensure that their added value continues to grow.
Therefore, it was no accident that I chose 'BedrijfsKracht' (Business Vigour) as the name for my service provision, inspired by the growing vigour of living green.

My mission. I want to continue to inspire, connect, and grow the green sector.


"I listen, observe, and strongly believe in the continued development of present business vigour as a sustainable success factor for a business."


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