'BedrijfsKracht' is an expert advisor for Europe’s green sector 

With a passion for the green trade and tremendous respect for green entrepreneurs

What? Growth!

'BedrijfsKracht' is an expert advisor in horticultural, flower, and plant sectors.

With over 15 years of experience and an extensive network, BK connects the right partners along the chain in order to get the most out of all business vigour within Europe’s green sector.

BK ensures efficient operation and better business results.
•    Custom analysis of your business
•    A result-oriented action plan
•    The no-nonsense and hands-on execution of the action plan

For whom? Green entrepreneurs!

High-quality one-to-one companion! BK is keen to bring its expertise to bear in order to inspire, connect, and activate throughout the chain

•    established companies such as horticulturalists, growers, florists, traders, breeders, young plant businesses, …
•    (and their) suppliers
•    organizations
•    retailers
•    start-ups

How? Mind the differences!

'BedrijfsKracht' offers 4 different service packages.
You ask, BK listens and customizes.
You decide whether you require the services on an ad-hoc, ad-interim, subscription, or project basis. 

Discover the 4 different BK service packages below.

BK Project management

within the green sector

BK Knowledge Database

within the green sector

BedrijfsKracht website-38.jpg
BedrijfsKracht website-38.jpg

BK Soundboard

Breathing room and corporate advice

for the green sector

BK Business Management

Intensive analysis and business management

within the green sector


Gain business vigour!

Discover the advantages to collaborating with BK


  • One-to-one business advice, a single point of contact, confidant
  • Broad network and 15 years of experience within the green sector
  • Offer of 4 different service packages, also completely customized
  • Always aspiring to win-win situations and sustainable relationships within the chain
  • Unprejudiced, neutral helicopter view of the sector and your business
  • Authentic involvement
  • Practical and hands-on follow-up and guidance



photography © Geert Meuwes